Private Lenders & Investors

Private Lender & Investor Puzzle

Have you watched your investment portfolio lose value week after week… month after month… year after year?

Would you like to retire and live out your golden years comfortably, without financial worry?

Are you interested in more security and better returns than today’s stock market can provide?

If you answered, “YES!” to any of these questions, Square Deal Home Investors LLC wants to talk to you!

Real estate offers an above average return on investment compared to stocks, bonds, CDs and other traditional investment options.  In addition to above average returns, investing with Square Deal is safe, secure and backed by real property. All of our paperwork is generated by and reviewed by licensed attorneys. Not only that, lenders are protected by property liens and are named as beneficiaries on insurance policies applicable to applicable investment properties.

While the greater returns, lower risk and relative security are very appealing to many investors, the day-to-day operation of a real estate investment business isn’t.  That’s where Square Deal Home Investors LLC comes in.

We Do The Work, You Reap The Benefit

You have money to invest.  And you want to invest in real estate.  But you don’t want to find properties to buy, you don’t want to deal with contractors or coordinate renovations and the idea of having to resell individual properties makes your head hurt.  That’s okay!  You’re what the real estate business calls a “Private Lender”.  We’re here to take the mystery out of helping you invest in the real estate market.

Let’s say you’ve got $100,000 to invest.  If you dump that money into the stock market, after a year that investment may have gone up 1%… 2%… 3%.  But the stock market can be volatile. That same $100,000 could be worth less… and, if you’re like a lot of people, it could be worth a lot less.  While no investment is risk-free, real estate is still the most secure place to invest your money. Why not become one of Square Deal’s private lender partners and earn a significantly higher return on your investment capital while minimizing risk? 

The bottom line:

Your investment dollars + our knowledge & enthusiasm = great return!

If you’re ready to learn more about joining Square Deal’s network of private lenders & investors, please fill out the form below…