About Square Deal Home Investors

Square Deal Home Investors LLC was started in 2012 by former NASA Engineer, Martin Erne. We recently relocated from Houston, Texas to Bixby, Oklahoma and our primary focus is on real estate reinvestment. We offer cash and close quickly on properties not currently fit for retail market sale, add value to our acquired properties by performing quality renovations, share surplus rehab opportunities with fellow real estate investors, and provide a great return on investment for those who invest with Square Deal.

Learn more about our individual team members in the brief biographies below…

Martin Erne

Martin graduated from the Ohio State University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. While attending college he served in the Ohio Army National Guard as a missile system technician. Upon graduation, Martin worked as a military analyst before moving to Houston to work at the Johnson Space Center.

While at NASA, Martin worked in the shuttle program as a flight planner, project engineer, flight controller, and systems operator. With the retirement of the space shuttle, Martin transitioned to the oil and gas industry. He now fills a technical role in a Midstream energy association.

Martin brings to the team leadership, planning, and project experience. He is detail oriented, highly analytical, and very driven. Martin has been gainfully employed since fifth grade and worked multiple jobs and served in the National Guard while attending classes to put himself through college. Martin has performed multiple home renovation projects non-professionally and includes home improvement in his list of hobbies.

Meghan Erne

Meghan ErneMeghan graduated from the University of Maryland with her Bachelors’ Degree and Masters’ Degree in Aerospace Engineering. The later half of Meghan’s aerospace education was focused on project management, including organization, team work, and setting and meeting requirements.

From 2005 to 2015, Meghan was employed as a life support flight controller for the International Space Station.
Besides operating the on-board life support systems from the Mission Control Center, Meghan’s main duties included significant amounts of problem solving, procedure authoring, and documentation of all issues and progress.

In 2015, Meghan left her job at NASA to stay home with her children. Managing the household and solving problems, big and small, are her main duties now. Starting in fall of 2017, Meghan’s youngest child started preschool and she is excited to devote serious time and energy to Square Deal Home Investors.